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Repair your credit - Debt Consolidation - How to get out of Debt?


Repair your credit - Effective ways to get out of debt.


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1- Cut your credit cards so you can not use them no more, please you need to understand that we are not asking you to close the accounts, having the accounts open is good for the credit, the problem is charging more on credit then you can pay off. Credit cards are for you to buy something and pay it back soon, we all got the concept wrong, we all think that credit cards are financing companies, and we max them and the keep making minimum payments, this is not the way. So cut all the credit cards now.


2- Sit down with pen and paper, and find out where you can start cutting your expenses, for example if you are going 4 times out for diner per month, cut it to one time. or If you have cable with all the extra premium channels, reduce to a couple good channels only, or if you are buying lunch every day at work, pack you own lunch from home, start car pooling and star saving in gas and bridge tolls fees, make sure you pay your bills on time so you do not pay extra late fees, so we are talking about reducing money going out, you know your situation better and do your best in finding ways to reduce you money going out, you will be surprise if you put it on paper every single dollar counts, at the end of years this means thousands.


3- Call the companies that you have balance with, and ask them if the can reduce you interest rate and put you in a accelerated plan, your payments will be higher but you will save a lot of money, do this if you can afford higher payments.


4- Try to increase the amount of money going in, if you can get some extra over time, or get a part time job will help a lot.


5- And as a last resource get a company to help you to get into credit counseling, and help you get in to a Debt Consolidation Program, this will look some bad in your credit, but will help you pay you balances faster, since this company is going to try to stop the companies from charging you high interest rates, and they may even try to negotiate your balances.


There are more ways that you can find to save and make more money, but the most important thing is your determination in doing this, since this means that you are going to accept to have some big changes in your life style,

Is always good to be open to good information that may give us good ideas in achieving something important in our life.


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When you control your debt and start saving a lot of money, you would have extra money, and do many great things and one of them you could take your family, kids or friends for fishing and have some great times like I do!



OK, something that I do with my extra money that I save by applying this tips and with my free time is fishing, it helps me to feel better for all the stress with this financial situation, no matter how good you are, but you can not avoid feel bad for a friend, family or just a neighbor going in to very hard financial time now...

Hello guys and girls, Moms and dads and you my dear friend Grand Pa or Grand ma, and why not my friend brothers and uncles, and all of you bringing kids or a teen to a lake or river for fishing for bass.

OK, I have spend so much time fishing and trying all kinds of live bate, plastic, metal you named it, yes some are really good, but you have to be like an exert to used them, but I decide to share this information with you, because for me, no matter how dip, how cold or hot, how calm or not, how windy or not..... the best bait is NIGTH CRAWLER...


And the best way if you are in a boat is drifting or trolling no more then 1 mile per hour speed, and the best rig is using live bait hooks, very small with a line no more the 6 pound test line ....remember to set you drag good, if you do not know what drag is, please find out, that is how you are going to be able to land some monsters with a 6 pound test line.





OK... How to rig it...

1- Small live bait hook at the end, then after 12 to 14 inches put a small split shot it is just enough for the line to go down, set your drag and then cast it, if you are in a boat drifting or trolling, let about minimum of 50 feet of line go and start looking at the pole tip. Do not forget to bait your hook with a nigh crawler, please do not kill the nigh crawler by splitting it or by putting the hook to many times in it, just put the hook just after the head part finish, the head is the bigger and with darker color, just put the hook one time, remember the way of catching the fish is by them putting the whole worm inside their mouth... the less they can feel and see the hook the better...

OK, enjoy your day...

WARNING: You must set you drag, for the unknown.... you will love it, when you are going to see all the catches you are going to get...

WARNING: Make sure you have a net, because you are going to get more then trout with this rig, from cat fish to big black bass, or stripe bass and more... the bigger the worm the bigger the fish...

NOTE: Remember to take a small ice box with some ice cooler container to keep the bait alive and fresh, you want them to move and dance nice for the fish down there OK.

black bass


Enjoy fishing with the family, there is something too that you have to consider, luck has a lot to do... when is your turn to get a big one, you will get it, and the name of the sport is FISHING and not CATCHING.... Please enjoy the moment with the nature and take the opportunity to get rid of all the stress... bring you kids fishing..


I do a lot of fishing because I have a lot of FREE time, what I do for extra income is a home base business and if you would like to take a look of what I do and you may be able to get any ideas, please fee free to check it out...


NOTE: This information is for someone who is not expert, is just a good tip.. For all you experts use your best tricks... since I am not expert but I love eating fish, I used this tip to bring home diner all the time.

Check ideas bellow!!

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